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On the road again - Traveling and photographing

On the road again Travel photography can be thought of in a couple of ways, making photographs to encourage travel to a destination, and making photographs while traveling.  My only experience is with the latter.  What struck me right away when I traveled to Scotland for 3 weeks in 2009 was the idea that all my daily responsibilities at home were no longer on my mind.  I got up early each day with my only agenda being photography.  At first, I was feeling anxious and a bit unclear of where to go and what to photograph, fortunately, I was on a loose assignment and my localhost spent many days driving me about and photographing along with me.  I realize that...

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It has long been my opinion that photography was made for the portrait.  I have no way to back up this claim historically, just a feeling I have always had. I find portrait photography to be a fascinating genre, both as a maker and someone who enjoys looking at fine photographs. Early in my career I was a retail photographer, chasing kids and families around my studio all in the name of the family portrait.  Later as a fine art photographer the portrait continues to be an important part of my work. 

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Finding inspiration

I have been thinking recently about the difficulty of scheduling inspiration.  I often have the desire to make pictures, or I see something that inspires me, but I’m not actively taking pictures at that moment.  On the other hand, I schedule times during the week to do photography, but there’s no guarantee that inspiration will hit at that time.  How, then, can I better accommodate doing the work when the creative impulse is the strongest? This summer I have decided that one thing I can do is to make photographs in my backyard.  I’ve taken pictures on and off over the years out there, but this summer I’ve decided to make that space consistently and readily available.  This allows me...

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